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03/02/10: OSG Bullet test on GP2XWIZ:
osgBullet is a set of software tools for applications that use both OpenSceneGraph (OSG) and Bullet.

29/01/10: OpenSceneGraph test on GP2XWIZ:
The version 2.9.6 of this 3D engine supports OpenGL ES 1 (and 2).
It offers a lot of plugins for common data files (3D objects and images).
I haven't tested a lot of its features but, unfortunatly, particles don't seems to work on my WIZ.

28/01/10: Bullet physics test on GP2XWIZ

10/06/2009: Sources of my entry for the PDROMS Compo 4.01
and a short video(avi format xvid mpeg4, 4mb) of myself playing the game on real hardware!

23/03/2009: back online thanks to (kojote)


WIZ osgBullet test (dice sample): MENU to quit, touchscreen to shake the dice, SELECT to reset. Sources here.
It's slow to load (too many dynamic libs?) but it should work. Be patient.

osgBullet sources with WIZ Makefile.
osgWorks sources (used by osgBullet) with WIZ Makefile.

WIZ OpenSceneGraph test: MENU to quit, touchscreen to rotate the objects. Sources here.
Updated OpenSceneGraph 2.9.6 sources with WIZ build script (check src/

Bullet Physics test: MENU to quit, SELECT to throw a ball, R to reset the scene, sources here
Updated Bullet 2.75 sources with WIZ build script (check


Work in progress: Explore a 3D maze with an animated 3D character
CUBEX Sources, game here
XUMP3D: a remake of Xump in 3D
RACE!: a NGPC emulator
MP3 library to include in your code.
YM player port from Leonard's player with sources
Wipe Out like game: not finished.
Fruit Chess Engine with a simple graphic frontal (sources)
KOF 91 v1.4 sources and unfinished 1.5 version
ADIC 2k4 unfinished entry
Game Partner 32: Chess Game (not really strong...)
3D tools: in java, used for my old 3D lib

NGPC (most of my productions are available here)

Sources for "Gears Of Fate": puzzle (pdroms compo 401), game available here
Another Day In Hell: shoot (pdroms compo) with sources
BomberMan: a remake (sources)
Puzzle Gems: a bejeweled remake (sources)
Dynamate: another remake (sources)
Convertion tools: to make moveies, and hicolor stuff (in java)
Misc Sample code
Hicolor: hicolor pictures on NGPC!
Slide Show: a simple slideshow
SOD Chess: a chess game
Pocket Race: unfinished "super sprint" like game (sources)
Columns: a remake o ft he famous game (asm)
ModTool: edit .mod to play them on ngpc
MPlayer: mod player
NeoPop: A stereo version of neopop to listen mod files
Sampling: play sampled sounds
MusicDump: dump music from offical roms
3D library: simple 3D on NGPC
Primitives: drawing primitives


My old 3D library
JBattle: an HexBattle remake
Plasma: a simple port of a plasma code


SOD-001: a simple ps1 demo
THR-001: a simple intro


All consoles



Jeff Frohwein
Spiv (the GP32 guru)


Jeff Frohwein
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